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Tunisian Cup final: Maher Kanzari praises Jouini and Ben Zitoun as top Tunisian forwards

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Maher Kanzari, the coach of Club Athlétique Bizertin (CA Bizertin), lauded his former striker from Espérance de Tunis, Haythem Jouini, and his current forward, Taieb Ben Zitoun, as the best Tunisian center forwards in the game today.

Speaking at the headquarters of the Tunisian Football Federation, Kanzari reflected on his time coaching Jouini at Espérance Sportive de Tunis in 2013.

He praised Jouini’s potential and lamented his career’s trajectory.

“Haythem Jouini is an exceptionally talented player,” Kanzari said. “When he began his career, he was destined to be one of the best, if not the best, center forward of his generation.

Unfortunately, his career did not unfold as it should have. He had the talent but was plagued by bad luck.”

Kanzari also spoke highly of Taieb Ben Zitoun, his current striker at CA Bizertin, who has shown remarkable development under his guidance.

Originally a defender, Ben Zitoun has successfully transitioned to a center forward, showcasing his versatility and hard work.

“Taieb Ben Zitoun has made significant progress,” Kanzari noted. “He is incredibly diligent and is currently in an ascending phase of his career.

His potential for growth is substantial. For me, both Haythem Jouini and Taieb Ben Zitoun are the best Tunisian center forwards at the moment.”

The upcoming final of the Tunisian Cup promises an exciting duel between these two forwards, each highly regarded by Kanzari.

The match, set to take place tomorrow at 16:00 GMT, will see Stade Tunisien face off against Club Athlétique Bizertin.

Fans eagerly anticipate the clash, hoping to witness a display of top-tier football from two of Tunisia’s finest talents.

Kanzari’s comments have added a layer of intrigue to the match, as both Jouini and Ben Zitoun will be keen to justify their coach’s high praise.

Their performances could very well be the deciding factor in who takes home the prestigious cup.

Haythem Jouini’s career has been a mix of promise and missed opportunities. Starting strong with Espérance de Tunis, his potential was evident early on.

However, injuries and a series of unfortunate events have hampered his progress.

Despite these setbacks, Kanzari’s faith in Jouini’s abilities remains steadfast, and many believe he still has much to offer.

In contrast, Taieb Ben Zitoun’s career is on an upward trajectory.

His transition from a defender to a center forward has been nothing short of impressive.

Under Kanzari’s mentorship, Ben Zitoun has flourished, showing significant improvement and a keen eye for goal. His work ethic and adaptability have made him a key player for CA Bizertin.

As the final approaches, the focus will be on these two strikers. For Jouini, it’s a chance to remind everyone of the talent that once made him a standout player.

For Ben Zitoun, it’s an opportunity to continue his rise and prove his mettle on a big stage.

The Tunisian Cup final is not just a clash for the trophy but a battle of narratives, talent, and potential.

Both Haythem Jouini and Taieb Ben Zitoun will be pivotal to their teams’ success, and their performances could very well define the outcome of this much-anticipated match.

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