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Seko Fofana clarifies future with Ivory Coast national team

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Seko Fofana has addressed speculation about his commitment to the Ivory Coast national team, dispelling rumors of selective participation and hinting at his plans for the future.

Following Ivory Coast’s dramatic victory in the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) final against Nigeria on February 11, Fofana had sparked uncertainty about his international career with cryptic comments.

“I ask myself a lot of questions. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. (…) There are certain decisions that may happen,” he remarked in the mixed zone, leaving fans and analysts speculating about his intentions.

The 29-year-old midfielder, previously criticized for missing several friendly matches leading up to the AFCON, further fueled these concerns by not being selected for the national squad in March by new coach Emerse Faé.

However, he rejoined the team in June for the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, signaling his continued involvement.

In a recent videoconference interview with NCI, Fofana, the former captain of RC Lens, addressed the speculation head-on, affirming his dedication to the national team.

When asked if he would participate in the next AFCON in 2025, scheduled to take place in Morocco from December 21, 2025, to January 18, 2026, Fofana’s response was unequivocal.

“If God gives us the opportunity and coach Emerse of course to participate in the AFCON 2025, we will be there. As usual, I will come to give everything,” Fofana stated.

He emphasized the importance of the tournament, especially given Ivory Coast’s recent triumph. “It is important for us to participate well because we won the AFCON at home; everyone will want to beat us.

It will not be easy. After emotions like that, we want to relive them again. The objective will be to give ourselves the means and work very seriously to arrive ready and, why not, win another AFCON.”

Fofana also spoke passionately about his role in mentoring younger players and the legacy he hopes to leave.

“The biggest challenge will be to get our jersey wet for our nation, to bring what we know how to do to the younger generations who will come later to try to do better than us.

We must leave a legacy. For me, wherever I have to set foot, it will be to do things well,” he added.

His remarks have provided clarity and reassurance to Ivorian supporters, confirming that international retirement is not currently part of his plans.

Fofana’s commitment to the national team and his vision for future success are clear, much to the delight of fans and teammates alike.

Seko Fofana’s recent statements have put to rest doubts about his future with the Ivory Coast national team.

With a firm commitment to the upcoming AFCON 2025 and a focus on mentoring the next generation, Fofana aims to continue contributing significantly to the team’s success.

His dedication and vision underscore his role as a key figure in Ivorian football, ensuring that his impact will be felt both on and off the field for years to come.

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