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Broken promises: Walid Sadi’s leadership at the Algerian Football Federation

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The tenure of Walid Sadi, the newly elected president of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF), has been marked by unfulfilled promises and a season that failed to address the core issues plaguing national football.

Upon assuming office, Sadi made a series of ambitious declarations aimed at revolutionizing Algerian football.

However, his tenure has been primarily focused on completing an existing mandate rather than initiating a new, comprehensive program.

The scope and timing of Sadi’s promises were ill-conceived, given that implementing such extensive changes would require at least one full term, if not two, to yield tangible results.

In this challenging context, a prudent approach would have been to maintain and enhance the existing structures while making necessary improvements.

However, Sadi, under pressure from his mentors and supporters, opted for a more radical path.

He attempted to erase past achievements, conduct an unprecedented purge, and make controversial decisions that lacked widespread support.

At a federal office meeting on November 9, 2023, Sadi emphasized the need to “redouble efforts to achieve the priority axes of his program and meet the expectations of football stakeholders through concrete acts.”

Despite this call to action, little progress has been made. As the 2023/2024 season concludes, the outcomes are far from the optimistic projections promoted by those behind Sadi’s roadmap.

One of Sadi’s key promises was transparency in recruitment. In a national television address, he pledged that the FAF would publish the CVs of all new recruits on its official website.

Yet, this commitment has largely been unmet. Aside from the national coach, Vladimir Petkovic, and the national technical director, Ameur Mansoul, no other recruit’s CV has been publicly disclosed as promised.

Sadi’s administration has also faced criticism for its handling of critical issues within Algerian football.

The lack of progress in improving infrastructure, youth development, and overall management has left many stakeholders disillusioned.

The initial enthusiasm surrounding Sadi’s election has given way to skepticism and frustration.

The challenges facing Algerian football are complex and multifaceted, requiring a nuanced and sustained approach.

Sadi’s tenure has so far been characterized by ambitious rhetoric but limited action.

The FAF needs a leader who can balance maintaining stability with implementing strategic improvements to elevate Algerian football on the international stage.

In summary, Walid Sadi’s presidency of the Algerian Football Federation has been marked by unfulfilled promises and a lack of substantial progress.

His approach has been more disruptive than constructive, leaving many of his ambitious declarations unachieved.

As the season ends, the need for effective leadership and a clear, actionable plan to address the fundamental issues in Algerian football becomes increasingly urgent.

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