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Alexandre Oukidja affirms commitment to FC Metz amid transfer speculations

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Algerian international goalkeeper Alexandre Oukidja has addressed recent rumors about his departure from French club FC Metz during the summer transfer window, expressing his intention to stay with the team.

French media reports had suggested that Oukidja, who has had a challenging season marked by FC Metz’s relegation to Ligue 2, might be on the move to other Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs.

Despite these speculations, Oukidja has clarified his stance on the matter, emphasizing his commitment to Metz, where he has played since July 2018.

Throughout his tenure, he has appeared in 195 matches, conceding 217 goals and achieving 64 clean sheets.

Oukidja’s season ended on a disappointing note with Metz losing the relegation play-off against AS Saint-Étienne, resulting in their drop to Ligue 2.

This, however, has not deterred the 36-year-old goalkeeper from reaffirming his loyalty to the club.

In response to the transfer rumors, Oukidja took to his official Instagram account to set the record straight. He wrote, “I was very surprised by the news that was published, because it was completely false.

Bastia did not inquire about my contractual status at all. I regret that the press did not take the trouble to contact my agent or me personally to verify the authenticity of this information.”

Oukidja further emphasized, “I am under contract with Metz for one more season, and I am at the club, at its disposal as I have always been for six years.”

His statement underscores his dedication to Metz, even as the club faces the challenge of competing in Ligue 2 next season.

Oukidja’s decision to remain with Metz appears to be driven by a strategic approach to maintain his position and form, which is crucial for his aspirations to return to the Algerian national team.

Specialists believe that by staying with Metz, Oukidja aims to ensure regular playing time, which is vital for his competitive edge and visibility to the national team selectors.

His commitment to FC Metz, especially during a period of relegation, highlights his resolve to contribute to the team’s efforts to secure promotion back to Ligue 1.

This dedication not only demonstrates his loyalty but also aligns with his personal goals of rejoining the Algerian national team.

The next national team regrouping is scheduled for September, just weeks after the new Ligue 2 season begins, making it essential for Oukidja to remain in top form.

As Oukidja continues with FC Metz, his experience and leadership will be crucial for the club’s ambitions in the upcoming season.

His steadfastness in the face of transfer speculations and his focus on professional and national goals underline the seasoned goalkeeper’s professional integrity and commitment.

In conclusion, Alexandre Oukidja’s recent statements confirm his unwavering loyalty to FC Metz, despite the club’s relegation and the swirling transfer rumors.

His dedication to staying with Metz is a strategic move to maintain his competitive edge and to secure a place in the Algerian national team, reflecting his professional ethos and commitment to his club and country.

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