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Malian football federation suspends captain Hamari Traoré

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Hamari Traoré, the captain of the Malian national football team, has been suspended by the Malian Football Federation (Femafoot).

This development follows Traoré’s outspoken criticism of Femafoot leadership.

During the World Cup qualifiers against Madagascar on June 11, which ended in a 0-0 draw in South Africa, the former Stade Rennais player publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the federation’s management.

Traoré described the situation as “chaotic” and urged the leaders to take responsibility and understand the importance of proper preparation for crucial matches.

“Our leaders must take responsibility, listen to us, and understand the crucial issue of preparing for these matches, which are so important for our people,” Traoré stated on social media ahead of the game against Madagascar, highlighting the challenges faced by the team during their trip.

Traoré’s comments were not isolated. He was part of a group of players who threatened to boycott future national team gatherings unless significant changes were made.

This collective stance against the federation’s handling of team affairs further escalated tensions.

Femafoot responded to Traoré’s criticisms with a stern warning. On June 24, the federation issued a statement addressing Traoré’s social media posts.

“It comes back to us with insistence that you are making publications on social networks in relation to the internal life of the Mali national team despite our warning press release,” Femafoot lamented, summoning Traoré to appear within 48 hours to provide explanations.

Renouveau TV reported that Traoré refused to comply with the summons. He argued that the press release that led to his summoning was a collective decision involving around forty international players, not just his individual actions.

Consequently, Femafoot’s communications unit announced the suspension of the 32-year-old right-back until he presents himself for an explanation.

The suspension of Hamari Traoré, a key figure in Malian football, adds another layer of tension to the already strained relationship between the players and the federation.

Traoré’s leadership on the field and his vocal stance off it have made him a central figure in the ongoing dispute.

The suspension has sparked widespread reactions among fans and analysts, with many questioning the federation’s handling of the situation.

The decision to suspend a prominent player like Traoré, who has been instrumental in the team’s successes, raises concerns about the potential impact on the team’s performance and morale.

As the situation unfolds, the football community in Mali and beyond will be watching closely.

The resolution of this conflict will be crucial for the future harmony and success of the Malian national team.

For now, the suspension stands as a significant point of contention, with both sides holding firm in their positions.

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