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Maher Kanzari poised to lead Stade Tunisien as new coach

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Stade Tunisien president Mohamed Mahjoub has confirmed that Maher Kanzari is a strong candidate to replace outgoing coach Hammadi Daou. This development follows an agreement between Mahjoub and Daou to part ways, regardless of the outcome of the recent Tunisian Cup final.

“We agreed even before the Tunisian Cup final to end our collaboration,” Mahjoub stated, officially announcing Daou’s departure.

With Stade Tunisien’s triumph in the Tunisian Cup and their qualification for the CAF Cup next season, the club is entering a new chapter.

Among the potential candidates to take the helm, Maher Kanzari stands out. “Yes, Maher Kanzari is one avenue among others,” confirmed Mahjoub.

Kanzari is no stranger to Stade Tunisien. He played for the club from 1990 to 1997 and previously served as head coach in 2016.

His deep connection to the club and his experience make him a promising choice to lead the team in this new era.

Hammadi Daou’s departure marks the end of a significant chapter for Stade Tunisien. Under his leadership, the team not only secured the Tunisian Cup but also earned a spot in the prestigious CAF Cup.

The decision to part ways, however, was mutually agreed upon, reflecting a shared vision for the future of the club.

Maher Kanzari’s potential return as head coach is seen as a move that could bring both continuity and fresh energy to the team.

Known for his tactical acumen and his history with Stade Tunisien, Kanzari is well-positioned to build on the successes achieved under Daou’s tenure.

Kanzari’s coaching career has been marked by several notable achievements.

After his initial stint with Stade Tunisien in 2016, he gained further experience with other teams, honing his skills and expanding his strategic approach to the game.

His return to Stade Tunisien would be viewed as a homecoming, bringing a sense of familiarity and a renewed drive to the club.

As Stade Tunisien prepares for the upcoming season and their participation in the CAF Cup, the appointment of a new head coach is a critical decision.

The club’s leadership is focused on finding a coach who can not only continue the team’s recent successes but also guide them to new heights.

The football community and Stade Tunisien supporters are eagerly awaiting the official announcement.

If Kanzari is appointed, it will signal a commitment to leveraging his experience and deep-rooted connection to the club to achieve further success.

In conclusion, Stade Tunisien is at a pivotal moment, with the departure of Hammadi Daou and the potential appointment of Maher Kanzari as head coach.

This transition represents both an end and a beginning for the club.

With their recent achievements as a solid foundation, Stade Tunisien is poised to embrace new challenges and opportunities under the guidance of a coach who understands the club’s history and aspirations.

The upcoming season promises to be an exciting one for the team and its supporters.

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