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AFCON 2024: A tournament of unmatched spectacle and success


As the Euro 2024 in Germany and Copa América 2024 in the USA captivate football fans, a statistic has emerged that firmly places the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2024 ahead of its global counterparts in terms of excitement and viewer engagement.

AFCON 2024, held in Ivory Coast and concluding on February 11 with a thrilling final where Ivory Coast triumphed over Nigeria 2-1, continues to outshine other continental tournaments.

Despite the allure of the ongoing Euro 2024 and Copa América 2024, a key statistic highlights AFCON 2024’s superior spectacle.

In terms of audience engagement and match excitement, AFCON 2024 stands out.

The tournament recorded its first goalless draw only in the 33rd match, a group stage clash between Namibia and Mali on January 24.

This statistic is significant when compared to other major tournaments:

  • Euro 2024 saw its first 0-0 draw in the 21st match, a group stage encounter between the Netherlands and France, notably absent of Kylian Mbappé.
  • Copa América 2024 recorded its first scoreless match as early as the second game between Peru and Chile.
  • The Asian Cup 2024, which ran concurrently with AFCON, saw its first goalless draw in the third match between China and Tajikistan.

Beyond statistics, AFCON 2024 excelled in organizational aspects and viewer engagement.

The tournament was lauded for its spectacular opening ceremony and seamless execution, setting a new benchmark for future editions.

The enthusiasm for AFCON extended well beyond Africa, garnering significant international attention.

CAF President Patrice Motsepe highlighted the success of AFCON 2024, noting that it attracted over 2 billion viewers globally.

This level of engagement underscores the tournament’s appeal and the quality of football on display.

With Morocco set to host the next edition of AFCON from December 21, 2025, to January 18, 2026, the bar has been set exceptionally high.

The success of the 2024 edition in Ivory Coast, which mirrored the organizational standards of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, will be a challenging act to follow.

Moroccan organizers will need to innovate and excel to match or surpass the achievements of AFCON 2024.

AFCON 2024 has cemented its place as a tournament of unparalleled excitement and success.

Its late recording of a goalless draw, high viewer engagement, and exceptional organization have set it apart from other major football tournaments this year.

As football fans turn their attention to Euro 2024 and Copa América, the legacy of AFCON 2024 continues to resonate, showcasing the vibrant and competitive nature of African football on the global stage.

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