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Emmanuel Adebayor: “I don’t sleep at night”

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Emmanuel Adebayor, former captain of the Togo national team, expressed his deep sorrow and frustration over his exclusion from the life of the Togo Hawks since his retirement from international football.

In a candid interview with Afrik-Foot, Adebayor shared his anguish about his ongoing estrangement from the Eperviers, a situation he has been vocal about for several years.

“It hurts me when I see everything we have done for this country, everything I have endured.

I have argued with the prime minister, army generals, colonels, just so that football in my country can move forward,” Adebayor lamented.

The Togo national team has struggled to qualify for the last three Africa Cup of Nations tournaments, and despite Portuguese coach Paulo Duarte’s three-year tenure, the team’s performance has been lackluster.

Duarte recently resigned due to insufficient results, further compounding the woes of Togolese football, which deeply affects Adebayor.

“I can’t sleep at night because of what we’re going through. I did everything I could to ensure that Togolese football moves forward.

It’s currently going backwards at breakneck speed, but since I can’t do anything, I’m blacklisted, I’m staying at home with my family,” he explained. Adebayor continued, “They don’t want me to go near the players, they don’t want me to be able to access the locker room to talk to the younger brothers.

It’s not normal that they do this to me. I fought for my country, I almost gave my life for this country. Is this how they reward me? We were hit in Benin, bus accident, we were shot at in Angola in Cabinda.”

Adebayor’s emotional remarks highlight the depth of his commitment and sacrifices for Togolese football, and his exclusion from the current team setup is a source of great pain.

Despite his retirement, his passion for the sport and his desire to see his country’s football thrive remain undiminished.

The former Arsenal and Manchester City striker has always been a prominent figure in Togolese football, known not only for his on-field prowess but also for his leadership and dedication.

His exclusion raises questions about the management of football in Togo and the treatment of former players who have given so much to the sport.

As the Togo national team continues to face challenges, the absence of a figure like Adebayor, who has both experience and a deep connection to the team, is felt acutely.

His desire to contribute and support the next generation of players is evident, and his exclusion is a significant loss for Togolese football.

The football community in Togo and beyond will undoubtedly continue to watch this situation with interest, hoping that a resolution can be found that allows Adebayor to share his wealth of experience and passion with the Togo Hawks once more.

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