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Cameroon football in turmoil: Eto’o’s explosive confrontation with coach Brys

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Marc Brys, found himself at the center of a heated confrontation with Samuel Eto’o, the president of the Cameroon Football Federation (Fecafoot). The incident took place on Tuesday at Fecafoot’s headquarters, where Brys had been summoned for a working session.

Tensions were palpable from the start of the meeting. Samuel Eto’o, former Barcelona star and current president of Fecafoot, initially welcomed Brys with a cordial “welcome home.”

However, the situation quickly escalated when Eto’o clashed with Cyrille Tollo, the technical advisor to the Minister of Sports, who was present at the meeting.

Tollo’s insistence on participating in the discussions without Eto’o’s permission sparked the first outburst.

“You don’t have the floor here. When I come to the ministry, I respect you. Here I am the only boss.

This is the last time! Call security and throw him out! This is the last time, you understand?” Eto’o furiously directed at Tollo, who was subsequently escorted out of the meeting.

The focus then shifted to Marc Brys. Despite the ministry’s reservations, Eto’o insisted that Brys remain for the meeting, effectively asking him to choose sides in the ongoing power struggle within Cameroonian football.

When Brys placed a hand on Eto’o’s shoulder in a gesture of courtesy, Eto’o reacted sharply.

“Do not touch me!” Eto’o exclaimed. “I am the President. If you want to work with us… You are a coach because I appointed you. You are not a coach because someone else appointed you.

You have made many mistakes. And please stay in this meeting. If you do not stay, I am obliged to question my executive committee as the law requires me to do.”

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Brys, clearly taken aback, responded, “I’ve been here for two months.” Eto’o, undeterred, asserted his authority, reminding Brys of his ultimate control over the team’s affairs.

“I am the President. You don’t decide! What you do is mine, not yours. I am the President of the federation. In your country, I don’t do this. And you don’t talk to me like that, Mr. Coach.

Remember, as a footballer, you can never talk to me. So now I’m the President. You don’t talk to me like that! You sit down and we work. Stop this mess!”

The confrontation continued to intensify, with Eto’o berating Brys for what he perceived as disrespect and failure to understand the gravity of the situation.

“But it’s not possible… What country do you think you are in, sir? Do you think I can do that in Belgium? But how can you do that in Cameroon?” Eto’o exclaimed.

Brys, attempting to defend himself, made a sarcastic remark about Eto’o’s brief stint as a player-coach.

This further infuriated Eto’o, who declared, “Yes! And I was a very, very big player! Very, very great player!” Brys’s response, a sardonic congratulation, only fueled Eto’o’s ire.

The exchange culminated with Eto’o warning Brys, “And if you cross, you won’t come back!”

As Brys exited the room, Eto’o called for his executive committee, signaling potential further actions against the Belgian coach.

This explosive incident highlights the deep-seated tensions within Cameroonian football, casting doubt on the future cooperation between Eto’o and Brys.

The coming days will likely see significant developments as Fecafoot decides its next steps amidst this crisis.


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