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2024 women’s AFCON rescheduled to 2025

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The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has officially announced that the 2024 Women’s Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) will be postponed to 2025. The decision was made during the executive committee meeting held on Friday, June 21.

Originally slated for 2024, the tournament will now commence on July 5, 2025, and will run for three weeks, concluding on July 26, 2025.

This shift aligns the women’s tournament with the men’s 2025 AFCON, which was also rescheduled, although the men’s competition will start on December 21, 2025, and conclude with the final on January 18, 2026.

Details regarding the host cities for the Women’s AFCON have not yet been disclosed.

The rescheduling aims to provide a more structured and well-prepared event for the participating teams and fans.

CAF’s decision reflects a broader trend of adjusting international sports calendars to better accommodate various logistical and climatic considerations.

The men’s AFCON was moved to a December start to avoid the extreme heat of the summer months, a factor that likely influenced the rescheduling of the women’s tournament as well.

The 2025 Women’s AFCON will feature top teams from across the continent, competing for the prestigious title and a chance to showcase the growing talent in African women’s football.

This tournament serves as a crucial platform for the development and promotion of women’s football in Africa, providing increased visibility and opportunities for female athletes.

In addition to the rescheduling, CAF has been actively working on enhancing the infrastructure and support systems for women’s football.

This includes better training facilities, increased funding, and initiatives to encourage more young girls to take up the sport.

The change in schedule is expected to allow for better preparation by the host nation and the participating teams.

It also aims to ensure optimal conditions for players, minimizing health risks associated with extreme weather and providing a more enjoyable experience for fans.

As the new dates for the Women’s AFCON are set, anticipation builds for what promises to be a highly competitive and exciting tournament.

The rescheduling offers an opportunity for further growth and development in women’s football across the continent, reinforcing CAF’s commitment to advancing the sport at all levels.

With these changes, both the women’s and men’s tournaments in 2025 will be pivotal events in African football, highlighting the continent’s rich football heritage and the dynamic future of the sport.

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