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Hassan Moumen: Response needed for El-Rakraki’s work

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Hassan Moumen, the former national selector, shed light on the future of Moroccan football amid significant stakes awaiting it through the organization of various football events, notably the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations finals and the joint 2030 World Cup with Spain and Portugal.

Moumen emphasized that the Kingdom would accelerate its organizational efforts after successfully hosting major football events in recent years.

He also expressed his opinion on the national coach, Walid El-Rakraki, and the current phase of the team in the following dialogue with “Hesport” newspaper.

Q: How do you see the upcoming phase in national football?

“As everyone knows, the Kingdom is on the verge of hosting major football events.

The upcoming African Cup will be a double challenge: organizationally, as a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the World Cup, and competitively, aiming to win the title.

I can say that Morocco will be at maximum speed in the coming phase.

Therefore, the country needs all sectors to contribute to the success of the upcoming events, as organizing events of this magnitude carries dimensions beyond sports.”

Q: What are your expectations for the African Cup in Morocco?

“I believe that Africa is fortunate to have Morocco host this continental feast.

It will be the best edition ever for many reasons, starting with the infrastructure available in the Kingdom, the great fan passion, the unique climate in all seasons, and other facilities and spaces.”

Q: What do you think of the national team’s level after the Qatar World Cup?

“It is evident to everyone that there has been a decline in performance after the historic achievement at the World Cup.

This is somewhat natural; there are major teams that go through a vacuum phase, but this phase should not be prolonged.”

“Walid El-Rakraki, a great coach with great players, has faced significant criticism after the friendlies against Angola and Mauritania.

He had the opportunity to achieve good results to erase the disappointment of being knocked out from the African Cup round of 16, but the performance and result did not meet expectations.”

“El-Rakraki needs a real response to reassure the sporting community that the team is capable of continuing to achieve success, starting from the upcoming matches.”

Q: Is the Moroccan league concerned with the upcoming sporting events in the Kingdom?

“Without a doubt, the Moroccan Professional League is genuine marketing for the national football product.

Therefore, it must receive great attention for its development in the coming phase at all levels.”

“The Moroccan league has produced many top stars; we have clubs that compete and perform continentally.

We need to rectify what can be rectified as soon as possible to market the Moroccan league well and elevate it to the deserved status.”

Your message to the components of national football

“I say to all the components of national football that competition has become significant at the continental level, whether in organizing tournaments or winning them.

Today, our country enters a historic challenge with the organization of the African Cup and the World Cup.

We all must contribute to ensuring that the organization is at the highest level.”

“National football has great potential that allows it to reach the highest levels.

We only need to correct some issues and continue working passionately in line with global developments.”

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